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Mac Character Design by RedBladeStudios Mac Character Design by RedBladeStudios
My first successful finished drawing for Arthur MacArthur, AKA 'Mac', the main character of my WIP comic.

To give you some background (not that anyone cares at this point because he's brand new) Mac was a popular kid in highschool. He played a bit of sports, some soccer, a little football, nothing outstanding, but he was mostly known for drawing the eyes of most of the girls in his class, though he was known for being faithful to his girlfriend at the time.

Then, for reasons as yet unknown, he had a huge blowup with his family, and a couple months before graduation, he left town on his own.

Cut to a few years later, he comes back to town, and stays with his old friends from highschool. (Then of course, it all goes to hell as weird crap starts happening.)

Drawn in Photoshop, and dear god, how much I miss (and have been spoiled by) Toon Boom's drawing tools. Cleaner strokes, automatic corner-cutting, and simple fills.. Probably not going to touch PS again for in-comic finished character work. (which is fine, really, considering I'm going to be doing it in animation-cel style..)

Playing with his design has been an odd experience, because I can't just drop it together the way I have with my others. (On the other hand, I was working on the other characters for years in my head before I settled on their current appearances. Some come easier than others, but main characters need a lot of love to get something satisfying out of it.) Been doing some studies and paper-sketches from model photos, of 'attractive' college-aged guys. (with the exception of the big nose, that's all mine, and necessary for future character design reasons)

This was more of a random-thought sketch (which I liked and finished), but it's informed from those other designs. (mostly the combination of having an angled face, combined with a strong jawline.)

(on the other hand, I feel like I have the unholy hybrid of Penny-Arcade's Tycho and Questionable Content's Martin. It's the loose grown brush-cut hair, combined with the heavy eyebrows and sideburns, I think.)

This might actually be the significant 'first drawing' like I've had with my other designs, refined from there, but establishing the basic parameters here. This is my point of comparison. Next up, going to be playing with the design, seeing how simplified I can go, and have him still recognizable.
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December 16, 2010
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