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Donovan's new look by RedBladeStudios Donovan's new look by RedBladeStudios
(edit: Went full-on red, the reddish blonde wasn't that much different from before..)

Had an idea.. Wanted to see it in action. (I may tone it back, this is just an experiment, really.)

Contrast these:

One of my concerns with building Donovan as a character is avoiding Mary Sue-ism. One common trait of that is that you build the character to resemble yourself or an idealized version of yourself.

I myself am a tall, thickly-built blond, with a goatee. (I'm also overweight, and a below-the-knee amputee, plus, my hair is shoulder-length and curly, but anyway..)

Donovan, in my designs up to this point, has been a tall, thickly built blond with a goatee. He's athletic, hulking even, naturally and from playing football in highschool. (Something I never did, largely because of my leg, though I was always told I had the build to be a linebacker..) He has sideburns, and doesn't grow a mustache. (I can't do sideburns, and often DO wear a mustache. Or a mostly-full beard, when I don't shave..)

In contrast, and this has been there since the beginning, he has these green eyes, which him as a character has always had, whereas I have grey eyes, which were originally bright blue when I was young, then shifted to grey as I got older.

So, I wanted to experiment with some of the easier changes to differentiate him. Plus, I've had his name as Donovan since early in the development, this just kinda matches up. (I actually did have him with some Irish heritage, this just makes it a little more apparent.)

To a degree, Donovan IS derived from me. My body-type, my general capabilities (computer-savvy, physical strength, but also general clumsiness), without some of my more severe problems (or my artistic ability, for that matter). But, he's got plenty of problems his own, and he's not really dealing with life any better.

I've been trying to figure out some significant downsides to his personality. One is his body-image. He's not fat, but he thinks of himself as much smaller than he really is, and when people gape at how big a person he is, it makes him angry. He sees his size and strength as a detriment, one he's accepted on the surface, but that he has to fight with internally. People who value him only for his muscles, with no regard to his intellect, make him furious, something which doesn't exactly correct their impression of him as a raging brute. Another issue is his naivety, he's overly-optimistic about life and people, and gets emotionally crushed when reality (which is rather crapsack, to phrase via TvTropes) lets him down.

(As an added irony to the whole differentiation thing, I've figured out I likely have a lot more Irish heritage in me than I originally knew, when I though I had mostly german/germanic ancestry due to my last name. But, anyways..)
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March 29, 2011
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