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I'm running a kickstarter to get Nightmares in the Dark running as a series! Please take a look, spread the word, and maybe contribute? It's gonna be awesome!

Here's the link!
So a lot of the work I do, in animation and when I do cel-shaded work, makes use of software called Toon Boom Animate. I bought this software back during my senior year at college, and I have not regretted it. It's got great tools, amazing controls (including a digital turntable) and really top-notch support.

Now, the software does have some limitations, like not being able to use text, and (mostly my personal) difficulties using symbols and complex objects. Most of this was fixed in later releases, or in the higher-grade Pro software, which also has some nice extra features which would make my life easier.

I'm a (presently) non-employed freelance artist, it's not really in my budget.

I've been planning, once I get over this dry startup period, to work on buying some of this higher-grade software (and hardware, like the big Cintiq) once I've built up some money.

And they just put it on sale. (70% off!) They specifically itemize the price to upgrade from my current edition to the Pro software. And it's not too bad.

So, I'm putting this out there. I really want the money to buy this. It would make my work on Nightmares in the Dark and other projects far easier. It would make my life a bit less complicated, to achieve one of my big goals. (And any money I make above and beyond that goal would help towards those pesky, pesky bills.)

So if you ever intended to commission me, now is the time. My prices will be favorable, I could use as much work as possible, and my time is entirely at your disposal.

I'm already going to be working hard to get my current queue of commissions done, feel free to pile on some more.
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I'm starting my Freelance work. Like, real and official.

I've been on the tail end of a contract job with a local company for a while now, and it ended a little faster than I'd expected. So I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I finally got booted over the edge, so I'm gonna flap my arms as hard as I can and hope I can fly.

This means, among my other freelance project searches, I'm well and truly OPEN for commission work. Anything you want me to draw, I probably can. Fantasy, horror, anthro, anime/manga characters (Original characters only! Fanart is legally dubious, don't want to get sued!)

My rates are as follows:

Line Drawing (pencil or B&W digital): $20 for a single character, $30 for two to four, within reason*.

B&W shaded (digital): $30 for a single character, $45 for two to four, again within reason.

Simple colors (flat 'toony or other easy work): $30 single, $40 a pair, $50 for a group.

Full-color Painting (digital): $50 single or a pair, $65 for a pair, $80 for a group.

Edit: Adding another option I didn't even consider: Animation! (great for user icons, Livejournal, etc! I can do GIF or SWF.)

Simple animation (static pose, with a winking eye, shifting expression, or other minor gesture): $20 for a headshot or waist-up, $30 for a full-body shot.

Medium animation (mostly-stationary character with a small flourish, like jumping out of the scene or some other full-body movement, maybe something that loops around 3-5 secs) $40-$80, depending on complexity. (this can also include some quick walk cycles or flying sequences)

Heavy duty animation (the big stuff, walking animations, character transformation, or even a short fight sequence between 2 characters) Starting at around $100, and going up.

(*- Reason means, don't start throwing hydras at me, I'll start charging by the head!)

(Not going to bother setting up queue slots for this, i'll let you know when I'm full-up.)

Contact me here or via email (
  • Reading: up on how this works
  • Watching: my bank acct dwindle
  • Eating: ramen, probably
  • Drinking: not nearly enough
So I finally got a Cintiq a couple weeks ago! (the 12WX, good starting point. Still have the bigger one on my wish list, further down the line. Right now, this is portable, which is exactly what I need.)

Been really busy with work the last few months, so aside from the occasional sketch, not much worth posting, and I'm still working on getting a decent studio space set up in my house. (I had been working in the family room of my house, but it's an attached 2nd floor room windowed on 3 sides, which means it's REALLY cold in winter.) Hopefully that's going to change in the next week, working on getting the living room cleared and moving my workspace down there.

Work, by the way, is pretty freaking awesome. I'm a contract graphic artist for Raytheon Professional Systems. We make training courses, basically, using Adobe Flash. Lately, I've been working on character animation (!) using my own computer and Toon Boom Animate (& my new Cintiq), and then exporting it over to Flash.

Got some free time this week, so I'm mixing it up between working on paintings on my Cintiq, and playing WoW. (Yes, I'm a nerd. How did you not know this about me?) ... (By the way, I managed to swing the Cataclysm Collector's Edition on midnight release. Go me!)
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I keep getting random people I've never met or interacted with giving me llama badges. I'm pretty sure it's to get a return badging, because their totals are always in the hundreds or more, with one of the 'achievement' llamas..

I have nine. EDIT: TEN! Whoo! Thanks :iconkorybing:!
So I'm nearly finished with my degree, gonna graduate in a few weeks. My teacher is pushing me towards doing some backgrounds. I like the idea, but I'm not good at random clutter or technical drawing.

So I've been working on a style I found in a disney conceptual artist's book. it's a pretty cool style, mostly buildings built from hard, flat surfaces (some gradients, but no soft edges) with textures and small lit panels to give objects descriptive depth. Problem is, it's a very intricate style. Mostly geometrically accurate, there's always a little bit off about the design. (It's pretty obvious it was built in illustrator or the like.)

For a while now, I've been trying to emulate that style, starting by building my model in Google SketchUp, and then trying to render it out to match that style. But that's not gonna happen. Sketchup's render is basically just a high-res export of the current view, there's little to no camera control, and the only light in the system is the sun, which is fixed along date and time-based angles.

So then I found this guy. :iconmhannecke:

Specifically, this: City Pan by mhannecke

So, I'm gonna try to work in that style. I dunno how much I can get done, and even he sounded like the whole thing was a big learning process for him, but his regular rendering style seems to flow from the same concept. So, I'm gonna study that style, and learn it. Probably not the same color scheme, but it's more about the rendering style, the lighting, drawing style, and so forth. Just need to figure out how to break it down.

(I'm also working on a new website design. I think I'm gonna use the stuff I make in this style on the new site design.)
I'm in the deeps of finals right now, but I figured I'd put it out there that I'm going to be putting a lot of new material up in the next week or so, from all the schoolwork I've done over the semester that I haven't had time to post.

For those interested, I'm also opening up for commissions. Prices are negotiable, just send me a message with your idea, level of detail, and what style you want, and I'll give you a rough quote. I'm very flexible as to subject, I can handle just about anything. (Original characters preferred.) All final work is digital, but if you're interested in just a sketch, I do pencil on cardstock, usually as the base of my further pieces.
Just bought Toon Boom Animate the other day. (Had a coupon for half-off, or $500. Whee!)

Been fiddling with it a bit. Considering using it for my thesis project instead of Flash. Still making up my mind, tho.

I'll be posting up my experiments and results over the next few days. If anybody knows where there might be any sets of tutorials for Animate, let me know. I'm still learning the bits and pieces of the software..

Had a great time there. Made a lot of connections- those of you who find this page from my business cards, welcome!

I need to take care of some updating of my website, because for the last month I've only been able to update dynamic elements like the blog. No uploading new files, which means I can't upload new images or alter any HTML-only pages. This means I need to switch to a new host.

To aid this effort, I'm taking commissions! Anyone interested, just contact me here on dA or at, describe your image, and I can give you a price.

The guidelines on the commissions page are a good reference, but my skills have expanded in some areas, such as digital coloring (cel-shading in particular), making those formats much more worth the money, while others (like hand-inking on paper), I've decided that while I can manage them, it takes much more effort, so I'd be charging more.

So, contact me! Let me know! I'm always available!
I'm putting together a run of t-shirts!

This is a pre-order, each shirt costs $20, with free shipping. If we don't make the pre-order cost in a month, everything will be refunded.…
See here for more information.

I've added a wallpapers page to my website. Hit the link above to be taken there and see the selection.
I just had a stylistic epiphany today.

First, go look at this guy's art. His name is Sean Galloway, also known as Cheeks. He did the original character concepts for Hellboy Animated, he's also done a lot of comic-book and animation character design-work. His style is also very similar to Ben Caldwell's, an artist whos books I've had for the last year or so and enjoyed. The style is very slick, slimmed-down, and angular, with a lot of curve and attitude. Galloway's style is more curved, with very few acute angles, but the two share a lot of common points.

Getting back to my point about the epiphany, I'd been feeling sort of blah about my animation lately. Something was missing in the style, it all felt too heavy, with too much work required for what should be very simple frames. Part of this was the brushstrokes, the linework style I'd been trying for, while good in theory, because it would let me taper points, was still too work-intensive.

Cue my running across Cheeks' gallery, and seeing his design work up close and personal. Last semester, I'd been working with a hairline style for my animation, but it just felt kind of sloppy. I was using the brush-style because I thought a hybrid of heavy lines ala Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter's Lab, the 2D Clone Wars) with my usual style, a sort of dedicated thickness that displayed as thin from a distance but kept linewidth even to close-ups, it seemed like it could work.

It wasn't.

Now tell me, which of these two looks better?…

I'm very strongly favoring the latter. The colored linework is excessive, but I was exploring his style. (I might still do single-tone colored lines, depending on how it turns out. Something mid-tone, darker than the average but aiming towards a 50% value.) Part of the design here is that I was actually working in flash at double the standard resolution, so the standard 1-pixel-thick vector lines would be decreased in scale for the final image. (which doesn't work the other way around. I can't do 0.5-pixel lines, they display at the same 1-pixel thickness when viewed at 100%.)

As it also happens, I decided to pick up a straight non-mechanical pencil to do some sketchwork, using the same general style of sculpted, curving shapes referenced from Cheeks. I've been too reliant on pure construction lately, it's getting me tied up in detail that's not really necessary, I lost track of that purer line quality and curve to the form. I need to do that more often, there was something about my linework that really changed from the mechanical. (That does mean carrying around a sharpener, tho..)…
Right now i'm in the midst of a reformatting. The job I'm at now isn't working out well, and I'm looking at jumping into the art world more fully. The first step in that road is to do a LOT more artwork in general, and open myself up for commissions.

The majority of the artwork in my gallery at the moment is old artwork. In the near future, I will be revisiting these old drawings, with new and updated images reflecting my progress in style and trade.

I am also available for commissions. My prices are variable based on time, detail, and component factors. In general, for standard page-size (8x10/8.5x11) images:

$15 - Pencils
$20 - Inked
$25 - Greyscale
$40 - Full color

There are extra qualifiers (this is generally the price for a simple single-character, no/minimal background images, prices rise for more characters, or more background), these work on a case-by-case basis. (I'll try to give examples of prices as I post new pieces.)

I can work in larger and small sizes as well, down to Badges and up to larger-scale artboard compositions. (I can also work in acrylic, although with less experience in that.)

I also do digital work, but that's entirely up to you, price-wise. Throw money at me, and I work work for as many hours as that money covers until I feel the artwork is done. (general guidelines above follow, in terms of what work to expect. Don't throw 5 bucks at me and expect a masterpiece.)…
I am accepting commissions! I do role-playing, MMOG, and pretty much any kind of character art you can throw at me. (Original, personal characters only tho, I won't do somebody else's copy-written character. I don't want to get sued by Marvel, Blizzard, or anybody else.)

(Case example: Nerubians are owned by Blizzard, but the unique, living nerubian mage in my gallery is my own character.)

Pricing guide here:…
Must attempt Chibi NitD characters. Maybe help iconizing, especially w/ Sam and Jake.